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One App to Rule Them All

Never lose track, miss a deal, or forget a refund deadline again. Organize & manage your software tools effortlessly


Everything You
Need, All in
One Place

From tracking purchases to trading tools, discover how Appstor simplifies and enhances your digital tool management

Keep Tabs on
Your Tools

Never Miss a Refund Deadline Again

Welcome to a world where
every tool and dollar counts!
Paste your deal URL and let Appstor fetch all the details, organize them beautifully, and alert you before any refund deadline passes.

Boost Productivity: Link Tools to Projects

Maximize Every Tool’s Potential

Effortlessly assign tools to projects with our intuitive interface.Discover which tools are driving your projects and which are gathering digital dust.
Optimize your toolkit now!

Shed Unused Tools,
Snag New Deals

No Regrets, No FOMO

Buyer's remorse?
Flip it in seconds.
Missed a great deal? Snag it instantly. Appstor’s exchange streamlines every transaction & pings you on wish-listed items.


Why waste time?

Appstor will grab your purchases and enter all of the details automatically

Log in & sync

No matter how many tools you've collected, AppStor will gather their details in minutes, including dates, descriptions, codes, tier-levels and dealpage screenshots

Add new tools seamlessly

As soon as you buy a new tool, just add the dealpage link to AppStor and leave it to collect all of the details. in seconds.

Works everywhere

Enjoy seamless management of your digital tools from anywhere, on any device. AppStor's responsive design ensures you have full functionality whether you're on a phone, tablet, or desktop

Is this really free?Yes. You can add and organise as many tools as you have, for free.
How do you make money?The exchange, where you can swap tools with other members, has a platform fee for each successful transaction.
Is this secure?Yes. The app is both GDPR and SOC-2 compliant.
Can I export my list of tools?Yes. After you've added all of your tools from any number of marketplaces (eg Appsumo) or manually, you can then export a unified list of everything.
Can I delete my account if I don't like it?Yes. You'll find the delete button at the bottom of your profile page. There's no risk to trying it out :)
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